Risk Reading List

I’m often asked for my suggested reading.  Here are some of the books that I’ve found especially insightful, listed by sub-topic.  I also include a favorite authors section – basically, I read everything by these people whenever they publish a new work.  This post will be updated from time to time as new books or authors come across my desk.

Introduction to Risk:

Behavioral Economics / Cognitive Studies:

Complexity Science / Systemic Risk Management:


Favorite Authors:

  • Steven J. Gould
  • Steven Pinker
  • Michael Shermer

Podcasts / Blogs / Magazines I regularly read or listen to:

  • Radio Lab, an inquisitive and fresh production from National Public Radio’s New York station, WNYC.  Please support it if you like it.
  • Scientific American (the first columns I always read are Michael Shermer’s and Steve Mirsky’s)
  • National Geographic
  • Geologic Podcast, a fresh and funny look at music, skepticism and life (warning: explicit content)

3 Responses to Risk Reading List

  1. Matt Simmons says:

    How do you feel books like The Fat Tail and Black Swan fit in?

    Also, I have to throw in some Malcolm Gladwell, because I feel like he covers a lot of ground that fits in well with the pieces you mentioned that I’m familiar with.

    That being said, my ebook collection list just got longer. Thanks!

    • dhandzy says:

      Black Swan is a bit too much of a tirade to make my list. His first book, Fooled by Randomness is excellent. I haven’t read the Fat Tail, but the title of my next post is “Chubby Tails” in which I debunk some of the fat-tailed myths and show just how bad the Normal Distribution is at predicting the likelihood of large returns.

  2. Sherry Wolfe says:

    Damian – exciting – even more interesting content to digest!

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