Radio by Phone

** Update to post on 5/13/11: You can listen to this episode by downloading the .mp3 file.

This post is to promote a terrific radio show I’m a regular guest on – the N@ked Short Club.  That’s right, the N@ked Short Club, which can be heard on the Internet.  Dr. Stu hosts this show Monday evenings in London on Resonance 104.4 FM, and whenever I’ve been there for the past few years Dr. Stu has been kind enough to invite me onto his show to talk about risk, hedge funds and other potentially interesting topics.  It seems that I haven’t been to London in a while (I think my last trip was in 2010 in fact), so Dr. Stu has asked that I participate by phone.  The risks of being live on the radio are one thing.  But the risks associated with not even being able to see the other guests and interact with them is something altogether different.  You see, one of the important communication tools we use while on the show is silent arm waving.  We regularly make gestures (that we think are quite clear) to one another while “live” in hopes of communicating without bothering the listeners.  It’s actually a lot like charades, but instead of a game it’s quite important to convey your meaning.  How am I supposed to do that from America over the phone?

So – if you’d like to hear me try to fit in with the other guests, please point your browsers to at 9.00pm London time Monday May 9th.  That’s 4pm NY time.  Formal invitation to follow:


Formal Invitation:

You are cordially invited to listen to the Monday, May 9th edition of the N@ked Short Club: 9-10pm/21.00-22.00 hrs., London time, on Resonance FM [104.4FM within London/ online worldwide via]: 1 hour of loose talk about hedge funds and the state of the world, plus sublime poetry and heady music…No promotional agenda, no commercial intent…just lederhosen and light relief in these interesting times.

Host, Dr. Stu and a team of Low Latency Therapists will help callers to the Emergency Hedge Fund Helpline (1-800-DISTRESSED) to realign with their Inner Investors’ Interests, with expert guests: by astral projection from the US, Damian Handzy- CEO, Investor Analytics; plus Richard Edwards- CEO, HED Capital; Matthew Sargaison- Chief Risk Officer, Man AHL; Gus Black- Partner, Dechert; Alessandro Di Soccio- Managing Partner, Titian Global; Margie Lindsay- Editor, Hedge Funds Review; Veteran hedge fund allocator, Hal McMath; & the Unique genius of featured artist/singer/poet/artiste, Anne Pigalle [] and the Galleon-smooth Anna Delaney. Feedback to

Resonance FM is not-for-profit (UK registered charity no. 290236): supported entirely by grants and donations [the Guardian calls it “the best radio station in London”; the Village Voice, “the best radio station in the world”] If you enjoy the N@ked Short Club, you can support the station’s continued growth with a secure donation via

One Response to Radio by Phone

  1. Jay Irani says:

    A simultaneous Skype session and/or Google voice session with the host might allow for charades to be re-established 😉

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