Risk Management on Wall Street and at the Supreme Court

pink-dress-shirt-black-striped-tie-black-belt-black-pantsOne of the first things I noticed as I started my early morning commute today was the number of men wearing pink shirts. On the train, on the ferry from Hoboken to Wall Street and on the streets of lower Manhattan pink shirts seemed to be everywhere. The gym was packed with guys wearing pink shirts too — and when I commented to one of them that we were both wearing pink shirts, he opined that “it’s a low risk choice: it’s a Friday in the summer.” Doing something ‘daring’ becomes easier the more people who accept the behavior. And if a slight majority is ok with it, it ceases to be daring at all. It becomes a low-risk choice.

Gay marraige graph

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Which brings me to today’s Supreme Court decision.  Without commenting on my reaction to the decision, it seems to be a low-risk option for the Justices: US opinion polls shows a slight majority of people across the country supporting marriage equality for the first time about 3 years ago. Among 18 to 29 year old voters, the trend is much stronger with 78% of them in favor of equality according to Gallup. While I don’t pretend to know what goes on inside a Supreme Court Justice’s head (I simply do not think like a lawyer does), each one of them must be fully cognizant that the tide of history is clearly on the side of equality. It had became the low-risk decision.

I think I may start to wear pink shirts to work more often.

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