Why this acquisition was the best decision

The three reasons Investor Analytics was purchased by StatPro


Lots of contemplation, emotion and cold hard logic go into the decision to have your company acquired by another firm. While even my own 13-year old daughter made the canonical “but it’s your baby” argument in trying to convince me not to, it’s never been about that for me. Investor Analytics has not been the goal but rather the means. IA has always been a vehicle to promote what I fundamentally know to be true: that we can all make better decisions by understanding and using analytics and methodologies that have passed rigorous testing. For me, Investor Analytics has been an expression of the tremendous benefits of the scientific method, as applied to financial markets. It matters because real people’s livelihoods depend on financial decisions. Good financial risk management can mean the difference between retiring early and working until old age, or between living month-to-month and investing for your future. With a nod to Simon Sinek, that is my Why. Analytics improve decision making and improve human lives. I’ve spent my career applying it to financial markets so people can make better investment and risk decisions and avoid catastrophic financial mistakes.

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