5 Financial Risks to Keep an Eye On This Summer

oil_rigs (2)This summer is no time to take your eye off the risk management ball as the uncertainty and volatility in financial markets won’t take much of a holiday.

There are five financial risk focus areas we suggest you continue to monitor through the dog days of summer: Oil, China, Rate Hike, Liquidity and Loans. Although Greece seems to have settled down – for now – and the EuroZone has avoided its most recent crisis, it’s likely to come back at some point since the solution kicks the can without really addressing the underlying differences in the EU’s constituent economies and cultures. For now, there are bigger market risks to watch for.

To read about these top 5 sources of risk, click here to see the whole text in LinkedIn.

Risk Management Lessons from the SEC of All Places

Risk Magazine branded my monthly column using the Riskology moniker, and the first article under this branding was entitled “What money markets can teach hedge fund.”

You can read the article on the Investor Analytics site.

Please take a moment to comment on what you liked or didn’t like and let me know what other risk topics are of interest to you. The figure below is explained in the article.


Investor Analytics’s “Topographical Risk Report” shows where the fund is today (grey box) and what the value of the fund would be under different combinations of stress. The yellow zone is the warning track and the red zone is, well, to be avoided at all costs.

Greece may be the least of our worries…

greece-eu-flag21I’ve just posted another article at the Investor Analytics blog on the developing situation in Greece. Feel free to post comments on the Investor Analytics site directly.